Meet & Feed in Winter Wonderland

Our farm is transformed into a winter wonderland from November 2023 to January 2024. Our alpacas are looking their best and you will be surrounded by cozy lights and a Christmas tree.

What will you do.

Is it on your bucket list that you want to cuddle with alpacas?
Alpacas are not cuddly animals, but they are very friendly. During the Meet & Feed, you’ll get to know them better.

The Meet & Feed starts right away among the alpacas. With great enthusiasm we tell you what animals alpacas are and why they are so special. We also tell you what they like and don’t like. Then we go to the pasture , where you can enjoy our alpacas. Of course, you will then have every opportunity to take cool photos of and with the alpacas. Afterwards, you can enjoy coffee/tea/hot chocolate or soda with delicious homemade apple strudel inside or outside. In the greenhouse there is a fireplace where you can get nice and warm. There will be a fire pit outside and, weather permitting, we will provide delicious marshmallows. The Meet & Feed is an hour of enjoying the alpacas, after which you will never forget these woolly animals.

Duration of the experience : +- 1 hour

Price : € 15,00 pp ( children under 4 are free )

Time : 16:00

To be booked on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Note : Since the information about the alpacas requires some concentration, this activity is best suited for ages 5 and up.

To make a reservation, please use the contact form, Whatsapp or call.

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