Meet & Feed VIP

By reservation you can meet our Alpacas . This introduction is for young and old . We will explain about our Alpacas and the other inhabitants of our farm. You will be provided with a cup of coffee/tea and a can of soda with homemade pastries. After our explanation, you will have the opportunity to feed the Alpacas and can take a unique selfie. Please note, Since the information about the alpacas requires some concentration, this activity is best suited for ages 5 and up.

* Upon arrival, you can pick up our Alpacas haltered from the barn.

* Explaining Alpacas.

* Photo opportunity and enjoy a moment with our Alpacas.

* Feeding our Alpacas with carrot.

* Coffee/tea moment with homemade pastries.

* Returning the Alpacas to the barn.

Cost : € 15.- pp (also for children ). Duration : +- 1 hour

Other people may be added to the group. This experience is by reservation.

To make reservations please call us or Whats-app use the contact form.

This experience can be booked in the only on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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