Who we are

Our Dream

Your experience

The people behind the animals

Since January 2019 we, Emy and Patrick have found our dream in beautiful and peaceful Wittelte. We were looking for nature, which we love very much. After many great trips, we embarked on this new adventure. Moved from The Hague to Drenthe in Wittelte.

We want to pursue our new hobby with passion on our cozy, small-scale farm. Our goal is that we can enjoy together with other people, the environment, and our animals. It is important to us that our animals can remain animals. Nothing has to be forced, this way you can see the real alpaca behavior. Very friendly, curious, but clearly the natural herd behavior. The one who keeps watch, the one who investigates, the one who follows. Every day we love seeing who fulfills which role in the herd.

Our 2 daughters, Daisy and Noa can also be found on our farm a lot. Like us, they enjoy working and relaxing on the farm with our animals.

This is how we started our small-scale, low-threshold alpaca farm !

Our standards and values

How nice that you found us! We look forward to giving you an unforgettable experience. However, the welfare of our animals is paramount. Therefore, we have some condition`s for when you come to see our beautiful animals.

  • Do not scream, shout or make unexpected movements.
  • No feeding homegrown food to all our farm residents.
  • When an animal runs away, don’t run after it. They are newsgrier enough to come to you again.
  • Children under 12 are welcome when accompanied by an adult.
  • And above all, enjoy our beautiful place together with our animals.
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